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ITK End of Life-3

SAP Ariba Integration Toolkit Is Nearing End of Support

Do You Have a Plan For What's Next?

The SAP Ariba Integration Toolkit (ITK) is a solution that allows buying organizations to integrate their ERP systems with an SAP Ariba cloud solution to exchange master and transactional data via CSV file upload and download.

SAP has announced the end of support for the ITK, which means that it will not be supported by SAP support or consulting teams after December 31, 2023.  Before this date, only critical security issues will be addressed. Furthermore, ITK has been removed from SAP's official download sites, with no exceptions.

Start Building Your Migration Path

The migration from SAP ITK to SAP BTP Integration Suite necessitates the use of migration tools developed in collaboration with SAP's partners.

These tools are designed to accelerate SAP customers in their journey to the cloud. Various partners have developed tools that address different aspects of the migration process, such as message mapping migrations, channel configuration details, XSLT mappings, synchronous configuration with request and response mappings, and template-based migration approaches


Nova Southeastern University (NSU) is a private research university based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It offers professional degree programs to more than 20,000 students. 
NSU replaced their existing Ariba ITK with SAP BTP Integration Suite to enhance procurement and supply chain processes, aiming to improve integration performance, scalability, reliability, data exchange, process automation, and accommodate high-volume tasks, while also ensuring support for future ISBN functionality integration.
Migrating from SAP Ariba ITK to SAP BTP Integration Suite with ConvergentIS offers benefits such as rapid implementation facilitated by the ConvergentIS Add-on, reduced risk due to regular security updates, improved performance from the cloud-based platform, and increased flexibility in integrating various systems and applications. 

Why Work With ConvergentIS?

Sebastian SteinhauerVice President of UX Engineering at SAP
“ConvergentIS has been a reliable co-innovation partner that has helped many SAP customers reach successful outcomes and helped SAP tailor its products. They bring the right mix of leading-edge innovation and proven technologies to maximize results and minimize risk.”
Milja HembruffSenior Director, Platform & Technology Strategic Programs at SAP
“I had the pleasure of working with the ConvergentIS team for many years. They have consistently demonstrated strength in helping customers adopt SAP solutions and really drive value. As both a customer and partner, their knowledge and expertise around SAP's Business Technology Platform really stands out.”
Service Offering #1

Pre-built content to accelerate your migration from ITK to BTP Integration Suite.  

The package consists of:

  • Two Integration Flows (iFlows) for the SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing Suite.
  • Two iFlows for the Operational Procurement applications.
  • iFlows for upload and download of master and transactional data between your hosted secure FTP (sFTP) site and the Ariba applications.

Preliminary cost of this packaged service offering starts at $40k.

Service Offering #2

Real-time reporting on procurement status and performance using SAP Analytics Cloud

  • View end-to-end procurement performance measures
Service Offering #3

Single gateway for procurement data, processes, and applications 

  • ConvergentIS Rapid Vendor Portal with SAP Build Work Zone

Turn This Transition Into An Opportunity for Growth

ConvergentIS is equipped to support businesses in their transition from traditional on-premise solutions to the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). With expertise in database and data management, analytics, application development and integration, and intelligent technologies, ConvergentIS can help you make the most of the BTP's capabilities. Their services include equipping your team for the transition and providing solutions that enable automation of complex business processes and integration of disparate solutions.

Don't let the end of support for SAP Ariba ITK be a stumbling block for your business. Instead, view it as an opportunity to embrace more advanced and integrated solutions offered by SAP BTP Integration Suite. At ConvergentIS, we're ready to guide you through this transformation, ensuring your transition is seamless and beneficial for your business growth.

Contact us today to schedule a meeting and discuss your unique path to the future of business technology with SAP BTP Integration Suite.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the migration process typically take? The length of the migration process can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the existing ITK integrations and the resources available for the migration. It's advisable to plan for this process with the help of experts like ConvergentIS.
Are there tools available to help with the migration process? Yes, several migration tools have been developed by SAP and its partners to aid in the migration process. These tools can help with tasks such as migrating message mappings, channel configuration details, and XSLT mappings.
Can existing ITK integrations be migrated to the SAP BTP Integration Suite? Yes, many existing ITK integrations can be migrated to the SAP BTP Integration Suite. However, the specifics of this process may depend on the complexity of the integrations and the tools used for migration.
What are the benefits of migrating from ITK to SAP BTP Integration Suite? The SAP BTP Integration Suite offers several benefits over the ITK. These include improved scalability, flexibility, security, and efficiency. It also enables seamless integration with other SAP and non-SAP applications, both in the cloud and on-premise.
What challenges might a company face when migrating from ITK to SAP BTP Integration Suite? The migration process may involve reconfiguring existing integrations, retraining staff, and adapting to a new way of managing and monitoring integrations. Ensuring data integrity during the migration process can also be a challenge.
Are there more FAQs The migration process may involve reconfiguring existing integrations, retraining staff, and adapting to a new way of managing and monitoring integrations. Ensuring data integrity during the migration process can also be a challenge.

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